"A comprehensive approach to personal, community, and environmental restoration"

creating living sanctuary

Living sanctuary

The Sanctuary, is a comprehensive resource and community partnership that provides an array of programs, products, services, and resources to improve the quality of life, optimize health, and offer assistance in achieving one’s full potential. The focus on human, spiritual-consciousness, and social-economic development honors/respects culture and ancestry; nurtures the spirit; empowers; and facilitates unity and a balanced state of wellbeing. The ultimate goal is assisting in the evolution of the individual/collective consciousness and re-establishment of sustainable, reciprocal relationship with the Earth.

Living Sanctuary is a supportive network of resources (online/phone and onsite) for effectively resolving emotional-mental or life difficulties, improving health and wellbeing; and for personal, family, and community development. 

Contact us for more details (814) 303-2784. The Earth Mother Council/Nature Studies Conservatory is a not for profit organization.


Whole Life Health and Wellbeing
Nature-based, mind-body depthwork and holistic therapies provide the benefits of solution-focused therapy and holistically uncovers long-standing patterns and underlying contributors to effectively resolve issues or problems. Focused development includes 7 fundamental aspects of health and wellbeing: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, relational, creativity, and purpose/life meaning. These services help to facilitate personal and family/transgenerational healing with the discovery of new insights/awareness to effectively navigate life challenges and lead a vibrant, fulfilling life.

Wellness Program
The Living Sanctuary Wellness Program provides affordable, comprehensive services for emotional, mental, spiritual-consciousness, and physical health and wellbeing.

Monthly services include:
2 Personal Sessions (Individual, Couples, and Family)
4 Group Sessions
Immersion Retreat (weekend intensive)

Online meditations and personal development resources

We also provide immersion programs for personal, organization, and business development. Contact us by email or call (814) 303-2784 to receive more information about our services and upcoming groups or to host an immersion retreat.